Guide to playing blade and soul: transmutation and gems

You can improve your beat in blade and soul through the usage of gems and crafting.


The outfits of style artists usually do not have any advantages during combat. However, their weapons, soul extras and guard definitely provide advantages to beat. It’s to boost your strength while playing soul and blade. You can do this by obtaining new accessories and by improving your weapon, soul guard bits.

By using gems moreover, a-player could acquire bonuses. Guns which might be manufactured from top quality content regular have treasure slots,(visit cheap blade and soul gold) should you insert a treasure of the given shade,declare diamond, amethyst, sapphire, ruby, peridot or emerald and improving the quantities of quality for example hexagonal, pentagonal and rectangular, you can be able to modify the capability of the beat.

You’ll no further manage to trade with the treasure if you utilize a gem in your weapon. However, this does not connect with bound gems. You could still mail the account bound gems between your own personal figures.

If it is allowed by your weapon you can also add fresh treasure slots. You can do this by using the Jewel Hammer. It’s also not impossible to get rid of the gems to get a modest price.

The color of the treasure also plays an important role within the sport. Because it demonstrates the type of numbers it might present, this is. The gem’s quality also demonstrates the total amount of statistic. You can use one treasure of each shade into each product. This makes certain that you’ve distinct quantities of numbers that are improved.


Transmulation is not same from treasure in so many ways. It’s another method that allows you to use components by salvaging extras, top quality weapons, that you simply have gotten, accessories to produce or enhance objects. If you want to offer your piece to your supplier, merely put on the auction house. But Transmulation components could sometime be a quite difficult decision.

Use Transmulation to mix several types of fabrics to create bags that have treasure parts and arbitrary returns that will make treasure chests that have gems that are arbitrary. A treasure that’s multiple elements may be used to create top quality type. Moreover, you’ll find unique things that have to be put together to create event gifts.

You can also ruin your pieces and must be aware since you’ll find dishes that have high possibilities of declining.

Salvaging and the fusing of the soul guard bits is an essential method even though it isn’t specifically linked to Transmulation. You get the combination powder part when you’re currently salvaging soul guard.(come to Find more cheap bns golds) You’ll even be able to mix soul bits together in another soul guard UI.

If you are fusing one piece to another it might simply be destroyed plus one of its features is going to be used in the for the new soul guard. You can modify your strength by fusing the others together and by salvaging all-the bits that you simply don’t need. If you want to enhance rapidly within the sport, lastly, you should buy BNS gold.

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